Kane Hibberd "The Death of Beltsy" Unframed [edition of 5]

Kane Hibberd "The Death of Beltsy" Unframed [edition of 5]

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Kane Hibberd "The Death of Beltsy"

An original photograph by image creative and great human, Kane Hibberd

"I shot Beltsy’s beaten Marshall pedal with a 100mp Phase One and a 120mm macro lens. Using the focus stacking feature I shot 62 images and put them together using Helicon Focus. I had to do multiple passes with the software at different settings as it worked differently on different parts of the image. After I blended the finished Helicon rendered images in photoshop I had the handsome and talented @cow_burn create the custom fonts to match the original. After spending 20 hours replacing the text and texturing the fonts to match the original condition I had the printing master @thirdsfineartprinting create the print which is just under a metre on its longest side. I can’t remember the exact size but with the resolution I didn’t have to upsize the image, I actually reduced the size. Finally I had @neo_frames finish it all off."

Exhibited as part of 30 Years of Mindsnare Group Art Show

Size: 98 X 80 Unframed

Collection: Collingwood, VIC 

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